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Water is precious. At Bullseye Leak Detection, Inc., we know that leaks can deplete our state’s water supply as well as your pocketbook. And with meters going in all over the greater Sacramento area, a leak that once silently crippled water conservation now bangs on your door with a hefty bill. That’s where we can help.

Bullseye Leak Detection, Inc. is a small, specialized, and fully licensed business, serving the greater Sacramento area’s leak detection, line location, and sewer inspection needs. We pride ourselves on high-quality, dependable service, and use the latest non-invasive, non-destructive detection technology. We hold a C36 Plumbing license (935197) and carry both general liability and auto insurance in excess of one milion dollars.

Your pool is losing water? You've got a slab leak? You need a sewer line inspected? Not sure where the underground utilities are located? We take a systematic approach to each and every job, no matter the size, analyzing the whole plumbing system to pinpoint exact locations and breaks. It's the only way to ensure accurate, sound solutions and keep your repair costs to a minimum. We know water is precious. So are your time and money.

Leaks that go unchecked can cause costly damage to pumps and equipment, raise your water bill and force you to add more and more chemicals just to balance the system. No amount of guesswork will find the leak on your pool or spa. Our leak detection specialists test the entire system: structure and plumbing.

By pressure testing each line separately, we can isolate the specific leak. We check the structure both from the surface and underwater using scuba equipment and utilize non-toxic dyes, injected into cracks and holes, to locate structural leaks. Our leak detections have a 30-day guarantee, so if a small secondary leak occurs, we'll come out free of charge to locate that one, too!

The slab leak: nightmare of every homeowner with sub-slab plumbing. And with one of California’s largest concentrations of slab-foundation homes, the greater Sacramento area has its share of such nightmares. A hole the size of a ballpoint pen can leak thousands of gallons a day. Maybe your hot water heater won’t shut off. Perhaps you see water pouring out the side of your foundation. You’ve got a slab leak and now you’ve got to find a needle in a haystack. If you’re not careful, the nightmare scenario follows: Floors are ripped up. Cabinetry is torn out. Like digging for treasure, jackhammers riddle the floor with exploratory access holes.

Instead, you could call us. Our experienced technicians use non-invasive, non-destructive equipment to systematically map out all sub-slab lines, pressure test the entire system with non-toxic carbon dioxide or helium, and locate your leak. But we don’t stop there. If you've got a hot-water leak, we also check the cold-water lines to make sure we don't miss a secondary leak. We also locate manifolds in case a reroute is necessary.

A high water bill, a mysterious sound, or puddling water may be your only clue that there's a leak. Like all good detectives, our leak technicians pull together all the clues and investigate thoroughly to resolve the problem. Whether we're working on a service line from meter to house, a commercial fire main, a hot or cold slab leak, a high-pressure irrigation main, or a gas leak, we aim for the highest level of accuracy.

Our trained technicians video inspect both residential and commercial sewer and drain lines with diameters of two to twelve inches. Our sophisticated cameras capture clear, color images of the pipe's interior, allowing the technician to find problem spots, breaks, and laterals. A footage counter pinpoints the images' exact locations and a locating sond allows us to find the camera head underground so we know the precise physical location of the line and/or problem. On-screen texting, as well as voice-over capabilities, provide you with another layer of details specific to the inspection. And when the job is done, our technician burns a dvd on-site.

The hydro-jetter is a high pressure cleaning tool that removes grease, debris, dirt, and sludge from blocked sewer and drain lines. Often, we use this in conjunction with our sewer video inspection camera. For example, in a commercial kitchen, grease lines must be hydro-jetted clean before the camera can capture a clear picture of problems in the line. Older sewer lines often have a large build-up of debris, which will not clear with normal draining or snaking. High-pressure jetting removes the heavy build-up, allowing old lines to drain like new. We can hydro-jet lines 1.5”-6” in diameter.


Before digging up a sewer line or breaking ground for another project, we can locate any and all private utilities to alleviate unnecessary repairs. Our technicians can locate cable, telephone, fiber-optic, electrical, gas, water, and sewer lines, as well as storm drains. U.S.A. will only mark public utilities to the meter. We do the rest, marking the private utilities between the meter and the house. It's just one more way we can save you time and money.

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