Sewer Video Inspections

Pinpoint precision. Your sewer pipe has been backing up or the line is draining slowly and you need to find the source of the problem. That’s where we come in. During our in-depth inspections, we pinpoint sewer-line problems, identifying their exact location and depth. The most common problems include offsets, breaks, and roots, but that’s not the end of the job.

Mapping and movies. During the inspection, we map out the entire sewer line system, confirming line depths from start to finish. We don’t just locate the problem. We map out the path and depth of the system, in case a partial or full replacement of the line is necessary. Upon completion, we provide you with a color DVD of the inspection for your records.


Grease lines

All greased up. You have a commercial kitchen and the grease line is draining slowly. Clogged grease can cause foul kitchen odors and excessive build-up can lead to messy back-ups. A simple sewer snake will only puncture the grease, without removing it.

The all clear. The hydro-jetter sprays high-pressure water at more than 3000 psi onto the interior walls of the pipe, flushing out built-up grease and debris. Once the jetting is complete, we perform a video inspection to ensure that the line is clear and flowing.

Sewer lines

Debris flush. Old cast-iron sewer lines often build up a heavy layer of rust and debris on their interior walls, triggering soft-blockages more and more frequently. Snaking the line simply knocks some of the loose debris free, causing it to settle on the base of the pipe. By hydro-jetting the sewer lines, the debris is flushed out of the system with high-pressure water.

Clean, flowing sewer lines. We hydro-jet from the beginning of the line--at floor drains, clean-outs, and roof vents--thus pushing the debris out to the main trunk line and on to the city main, leaving you with a clean, flowing sewer line. We always finish with a sewer video inspection to determine that the line is indeed clear and to identify any problem spots.

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