How Does a Plumber Detect Hidden Leaks?

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Sometimes, a leak is easy to spot. You might hear it dripping when your house is quiet, feel the moisture in the cabinet under your sink, or even see the water slowly dripping from a pipe or plumbing fixture. But other leaks are much more difficult to find. Even if you know something is leaking, the exact source of the leak can be hidden in your walls and even underground. How can a plumber find and repair these kinds of leaks? At Bullseye Leak Detection, we use some of the best plumbers in Sacramento and the most advanced leak detection technology to get the job done. Keep reading to learn more about some of our tools and techniques.

Visual Inspection First

We’ll always perform a visual inspection of your home first to help us get a general idea of where leaks may be occurring. This can include searching for higher humidity in certain areas of the home, watermarks on paint, or even especially lush areas of your lawn. All of this helps to give us a starting place when pinpointing the exact location of any leak (or leaks) on your property.

Soil Probes

If we suspect a leak in any outdoor plumbing lines on your property—namely, your sewer line and water main—we may use a soil probe to help us find where the pipe is leaking. A soil probe allows our team to listen for any leaks, even through the grass, dirt, and rocks. This advanced audio equipment allows us to detect the noises made by both standard pressure and pressured leaks. As the equipment moves along the affected pipe, the noises will get louder until we can pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Our experienced plumbers can identify the type of leak, how deep underground it is, and the best way to access the pipe and repair it.

Thermal Imaging

Even if you can’t see a leak with your eyes, you may be able to see the way it affects the temperature of things around it. The water in your supply lines is cold—very cold—so when it leaks out, it drops the temperature of everything it touches. If you have a leak hidden in your walls or underground, we can often use thermal imaging equipment to find these cold spots created by leaking water. This type of equipment is much more adept at detecting hidden leaks and can even detect moisture that would likely go undetected when using moisture meters. Through the use of thermal imaging equipment, we can find the source of the leak and get an idea of how the water has damaged much space around it.

Listening Discs

Listening discs are a relatively basic form of auditory leak detection, but that doesn’t make them any less useful. Just as a doctor uses a stethoscope to amplify the sounds of your heart, listening discs amplify the sounds of leaking water into a pair of headphones worn by a plumber. We simply place the disc against the wall and move it along the surface until we pick up the sounds of a leak. With this equipment, we can find leaks behind your walls long before there are water stains on your drywall.

Video Inspection Equipment

Often, we may know the exact pipe leaking, but not exactly where the leak is along the length of the pipe. For these cases, we may rely on video inspection equipment to get an up-close look at your pipe’s interior. We’ll insert a tiny video camera into one end of the pipe, which will transmit a live feed to a screen. We’ll thread the camera along the pipe’s length until we find the source of the leak. We can examine it closely to determine the extent of the damage even before we begin to excavate the area for repairs or pipe replacement.

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Experience Matters

Our plumbers are among the best in the industry and can pinpoint and repair leaks quickly and efficiently. We always thoroughly inspect our repairs and pipe replacements and perform a pressure test to ensure that our work is done and that no leaks have gone unnoticed. While we rely on these tools to help us become more efficient at detecting leaks on your property, nothing can replace knowledge and experience.

If you have any reason to believe that there’s a leak in your plumbing, contact Bullseye Leak Detection today. Our team of knowledgeable experts will come out to your property and inspect your plumbing using our advanced technology so we can find that leak quickly, get it repaired, and prevent any further water damage from occurring in your home.