Is the Slab Leak in My Home Covered by My Insurance Policy?

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Major home repairs are always a nuisance, no matter who’s paying for those repairs. However, having repair costs covered by homeowner’s insurance can lift a major financial burden off of your shoulders. If you’ve developed a slab leak and need water main repair in Sacramento, you might wonder if your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover this type of repair. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about insurance and slab leaks.

Always Talk to Your Agent

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that there are no cut-and-dry rules about homeowner’s insurance coverage. That coverage can vary widely based on your carrier, policy, and even where you live. If you’re ever in doubt about what your homeowner’s insurance will cover, you should reach out to your insurance agent to go over the details of your coverage. They will be best equipped to tell you exactly what is and is not covered. However, the rest of this article will outline general guidelines and coverage that apply to most homeowner’s insurance policies. This can help you to establish some basic understanding of what is likely to be covered, but you should refer to your insurance policy for exact coverage information.

Types of Hidden Leaks

There are several different types of hidden leaks; not all are slab leaks, and homeowner’s insurance will not cover all types of hidden leaks. A slab leak specifically refers to a leak that develops in the water pipes beneath your home’s concrete foundation (the slab). A main line leak usually doesn’t do much damage to the house, as it usually leaks into the landscaping. A leak under the slab on the hot or cold lines usually don’t do much damage either, since they generally seeps down into the soil, not up through the slab.There are many water supply lines that run around your property, but one of the biggest concerns are your pressurized water lines. These are the most important to check regularly because they are under pressure constantly (even when your faucets or fixtures are not running) and, therefore, can cause a lot more damage inside your home, quickly.

Slow leaks in your walls and structural leaks are considered separate issues. Additionally, though they run under your slab, sewer line leaks are not technically considered slab leaks; they are in a rather nasty category all their own.

Which Leaks Are Covered?

So, of the different types of hidden leaks described above, which ones are covered and which are not? Structural leaks and slow leaks inside your walls are generally not covered. These are considered part of your home’s wear and tear, which is not covered in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Sudden & accidental leaks are more commonly covered than long-term and wear & tear leaks. So much of this is circumstantial, though, that a leak detection in which cause and duration are determined is absolutely necessary in order for your insurance to consider covering. If you have a mold policy in place (which is not very common), then you may get a payout to cover any mold remediation associated with these leaks. However, leak detections are usually covered, regardless of the source, cause, or duration.

The pipes beneath your concrete slab are intended to last for decades (sometimes centuries), and unexpected breaks are usually included with most policies. This includes that worrisome water main line , sub-slab hot or cold lines, and pressurized lines we mentioned earlier.

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Use a Certified Expert

In addition to speaking with your insurance agent, one of the best ways to ensure that your slab leaks are covered by insurance is to use a certified expert who is experienced with slab leak detection and water intrusion repair in Sacramento. At Bullseye Leak Detection, we specialize in these kinds of leaks and understand how to fill out the proper reports for your insurance carrier. Contact us today to schedule your service.