Signs You Need Professional Leak Detection

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Leaks are easy to spot, right? You can see the faucet dripping, moisture under your sink, or puddles pooling around your toilet. When you notice all these things, you know exactly where the leak is, and you can find someone to fix it—or fix it yourself if you’re handy enough. So why would you ever need to hire a water leak detection company in Sacramento, CA, to find a leak for you? Here are a few signs that indicate a professional is what you need.

Puddles on the Floor or Yard

Sometimes, a puddle leads you right to the leak under your sink or dishwasher. Other times, it’s just a little spill that needs cleaning up. But if you’re finding puddles on your floor or in your yard, and there’s no clear explanation for where they came from, you have a bigger problem on your hands. Likely, there is an underground pipe leaking on your property and moisture seeping through your foundation or lawn. This isn’t the kind of leak that you can handle on your own; you can’t even really pinpoint it on your own. It would be best if you relied on a professional to handle underground leaks of any kind.

Unexplained High Water Bills

Water bills can go up for several reasons. Yards require more water in the summer. Visitors can increase water consumption in your home. But high water bills without an explanation can point to a leak—one that you can’t see yourself. This leak could be in a pipe in a wall that hasn’t made itself visible yet, or it could be underground, as described above. Either way, the sooner you get a professional to find it and fix it for you, the sooner you can stop paying for water you’re not even using.

Mold Growth

Where there’s mold, there’s moisture. Sometimes, you can find where that moisture is coming from yourself. But if the problem has progressed to the point there is mold growing in your home; you want to ensure it’s handled as quickly as possible. A professional will be able to track down the leak, fix it, and deal with the mold problem in a much shorter amount of time than you can do it yourself. It’s always best to stop mold sooner rather than later, as it can spread very quickly.

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Sound of Running Water

Sometimes you can hear a leak, but you can’t see it. If you hear dripping sounds or a whooshing noise when no faucets are open, and no appliances are using water, there’s probably a leak somewhere. Perhaps you can use your ears to get an idea of the general area where the leak is located. But if you can’t see it, you can’t fix it. A professional can get the exact location of the leak so that you can minimize the amount of demolition required to repair the problem.

Any time you have a leak that isn’t in an exposed pipe, you’ll need to cut out portions of your walls or dig up areas of your property. When this kind of work is required, you don’t want to have to dig up the whole pipe or expose the entire wall’s worth of plumbing to find the exact source of the leak. Professional leak detection and repair in Sacramento helps you avoid this to minimize repair costs.