What Is Non-Invasive Water & Plumbing Leak Detection

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Detecting a leak in an exposed pipe doesn’t take much effort; the evidence is right before your eyes. But when the leak is hidden beneath a slab or buried on another part of your property, how can you even be certain you have a leak at all—much less find exactly where it’s located? The good news is, you don’t have to dig up your entire yard and destroy your concrete slab. We use non-invasive leak detection techniques that allow us to pinpoint the exact location of a leak without damaging your property. Keep reading to learn more about our slab leak detection in Sacramento and the techniques we use.

Acoustic Sensors

The steady drip, drip, dripping of a leaky faucet is very apparent to your ears (especially when you’re trying to sleep), isn’t it? You can find that leak by sound alone if you need to. We can do something similar with underground leaks—though we need special tools to pick up on the sound of a leak. We utilize high-tech acoustic sensors that pick up on the frequencies of these leaks. Obviously, it’s not always going to be an actual dripping sound; but we can find the sounds of bubbling, gurgling, and other acoustic signals that allow us to pinpoint your leak’s location by sound alone.


The water in your pipes is cold; typically, it’s much colder than the soil that surrounds it. This means that when there is a leak, the soil that’s absorbing the escaped water will be colder than the rest of the soil. We can use state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment to find these cold spots in the ground around your home. It works much like thermal imaging cameras you’ve seen in movies and television shows. By detecting these minor temperature differences in the soil, we can find exactly where the water is seeping out and soaking (and chilling) the surrounding soil. We can even use this technique to find leaks inside walls before those ugly water spots show up.

Endoscopic Video

The final technique we use to pinpoint a hidden leak is an endoscopic video. We’ll feed a tiny camera on the end of a long cable into an accessible pipe, then guide it along your pipes while we watch the camera feed on a nearby monitor. This camera can be used to find blockages in your pipes, as well as cracks and leaks. This way, we can quite literally get the problem within our sights before we try to address it.

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Minimizing Demolition

Why are non-invasive techniques important? Simply put, they allow us to find the exact source of the leak without opening up your walls or digging up your walls. By minimizing demolition, we get the repairs done faster, save you money, and reduce any disruption to your home and your life.

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