What Is Water Intrusion? The Dangers of Excess Moisture

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Water damage in your home isn’t always as obvious as a natural disaster or broken pipe. Oftentimes, it can be gradual and difficult to detect. Water intrusion is one common cause of excess moisture, and it happens so gradually that many homeowners don’t even know it’s occurring. What exactly is water intrusion? What dangers does it present to your home? Where can you find water intrusion repair in Sacramento? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Water Intrusion?

Water intrusion is any unwanted movement of water or water vapor into areas of your home where it can cause damage. Note the inclusion of “water vapor” here. Many people don’t realize that a simple excess of humidity in their home can lead to water damage, but it can. While any type of unwanted moisture moving into your home is considered water intrusion, most people refer to the “bigger” water problems as flooding. So, for the purposes of this article, we’ll use “water intrusion” to refer to the less noticeable movement of water into your home.

This might include instances like seepage of moisture through your basement’s concrete walls, water penetration in the eaves of your roof, or water damage in the walls around your poorly sealed windows. All of these types of water intrusion can go unnoticed for years but bring a lot of potential issues. Let’s discuss some of those problems.

Damage Caused by Water Intrusion

“A little water never hurt anyone,” or so the saying goes. But despite how minimal and how slow this type of water damage can be, it can still be quite extensive. Exposing your home’s building materials to moisture over and over again every time it rains can cause them to degrade and even begin to rot. Wood and drywall become weaker and weaker until structural integrity is compromised. If the water intrusion is occurring in your basement’s concrete flooring, you also run the risk of cracking concrete.

Many people don’t realize that mold doesn’t just grow on things; it actually consumes those materials. So, if mold is growing inside your drywall or on your wooden support beams, it’s actively decomposing those building materials and further weakening the structure of your home. Repeated exposure to high moisture levels also creates an ideal environment for mold growth, which causes its own damage.

The Dangers of Water Intrusion

The damage described above can pose a serious danger to your home. A weakened structure is an unsafe one. Walls and ceilings can begin to buckle, placing additional strain on other elements of the home’s frame. Eventually, this can lead to a seriously compromised home in its stability. Cracked concrete in your basement also creates an unstable foundation, which is a further safety hazard for your home.

Mold growth also presents an immediate health risk to your family members. Mold spores released into the air can circulate through your home via the HVAC system, leading to flare-ups of existing respiratory conditions and the development of new health problems.

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Repairing Water Intrusion

Water intrusion may be gradual, but it’s still dealt with in the same way that major flooding is dealt with. First, we’ll identify the source of the excess moisture—improperly sealed windows, roof damage, unsealed concrete, etc.—and try to prevent any further moisture problems as we work to clean up the water damage and remove any mold growth. Then, we’ll suggest more permanent solutions to deal with the water intrusion, including basement waterproofing, roof repairs, window replacements, and anything else that will prevent future issues.

Whether you have persistent water intrusion or need major water main repair in Sacramento, contact Bullseye Leak Detection for the services you need.