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What our clients are saying

“Excellent service done quickly & effectively. Patch on pool deck almost invisible. All employees were skillful & friendly. Would not hesitate to call them again. Kristina very nice on phone.”
- Les Klear, homeowner, residential pool detection and repair

“The tech was very complete and thorough.”
- Larry Carrigan, homeowner, residential leak detection

“Very good job. The technician was very knowledgeable and helpful.”
- Jack Buller, homeowner, domestic pool detection

“Consider me officially impressed. This is not an easy thing. I contacted you this morning and had never spoken with you before. You were professional and knew your business and you were competitive. After I spoke with you today, you then received my email requesting your services today, you called the insured today, visited her today, and prepared and sent me your report and invoice today. The report says what it should, and your invoice was less then you told me.“
- J.L., independent insurance adjuster,insurance leak detection

"Your service was excellent in every way. I would say your all around service is the best I've ever had."
- Beverly Messer, homeowner, slab leak repair

"Great guy.Very customer oriented. I highly recommend."
- Charlie Massey, Massey Advantage, Inc. Real Estate, domestic pool detection and repair

"The technician was prompt and professional. Very competent and confident in finding and repairing leak."
- C. McDonald, homeowner, insurance inspection and plumbing repair

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