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Commercial Correlator Logger

Commercial Correlator Logger SystemWhen testing large pressurized water systems, such as fire protection loops, extensive industrial facility water infrastructure, city and county water infrastructure, and agricultural water pipes, we recommend a correlator logger system. Testing up to a half mile of pipe at a time, the logger correlates with up to 6 sensors and integrates with GPS. Our trained technicians place electronic, audible sensors on the individual valves, hydrants, and backflow preventers, then load site-specific information into the computer. The sensors download their information, and our technicians analyze the readings to identify the leaking section of pipe and pinpoint the leak.

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In order to prevent unnecessary shut-downs or other inconveniences to your business--and to minimize traffic and ambient noise--our trained technicians can set up the equipment at night for a timed, measured test. Alternately, we can use an instant-read method, taking readings on-site with multiple configurations. This faster method prevents multiple site trips and offers timely resolution to the leakage. When scheduling, our office staff and lead technician will coordinate with you to determine the best plan of action for your particular project.

Our clients include large commercial properties, property management companies, homeowners associations, municipalities, and insurance companies. We can provide you with references as well as the standard vendor-qualifying paperwork, including additional insured, workman’s compensation, and W-9.