Folsom Pipe Leak


If you live in Folsom, CA, you probably know about the copper pipe problem. Residents are seeing a surge of plumbing leaks and no one knows why. Theories abound: changes in water composition, a cluster of substandard or aging pipes, improper installation practices, even barnacles!

While investigators search for answers and chase down the cause, Bullseye Leak Detection finds the leak. Our expert technicians use a three-prong approach. We visually inspect all exposed plumbing. We take thermal and moisture readings of enclosed plumbing. And we pressure test the entire domestic pressurized plumbing system. Precision equipment traces all underground and sub-slab pipes, and sonic readings zero in on even the tiniest of pinhole leaks.

Finding the leak is step one. Next, we fix it. Sometimes opening the wall or opening the floor, then cutting out the faulty section of pipe is the most expedient solution. Sometimes abandoning the leaking line and rerouting with a more durable material is optimal. Regardless, we keep containment clean, access sites minimal, and costs reasonable. Our expert plumbers perform efficient, effective repairs.

Bullseye Leak Detection may not solve Folsom’s copper pipe mystery but we will resolve your leak.