Why Us?
Our Team

Our team of inspection specialists has more than three decades of combined leak detection experience. Rigorous field and classroom training sharpens their skill set and keeps them up-to-date on inspection technology. Our repair plumbers are seasoned professionals. While there’s a place for rooter plumbers, the guys who clear drains and fix faucets, it’s not at Bullseye. Well versed in everything from new construction to large-scale repairs, our plumbers know the codes, the best practices, and all the tools of the trade. Both sides of our field team—detection and repair—work in tandem to provide efficient, cost-effective, professional solutions.

None of this happens without an administrative staff surpassed by none for their industry knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness. Our office team brings years of administrative experience, on-going customer service and field training, and a culture of positivity to every client interaction. At Bullseye, we believe that knowledge is power. Not only are learning and development integral to job satisfaction, they also empower us to serve our community better. We are proud of our team and thankful for their pursuit of excellence.