irrigation leak detection Stockton

Let Bullseye detect the leak in your irrigation system.

Have you noticed excess water in your yard, an abrupt increase in your water expenses, or a drop in water pressure? These could be signs of a leak in your irrigation system. Identifying and fixing such leaks requires the careful precision of our Stockton plumbers.

Our irrigation leak detection method employs cutting-edge technology to accurately find leaks. This ensures we pinpoint the exact problem area without the need for invasive traditional digging methods. This approach minimizes potential damage while ensuring effective repairs.

We Minimize disruption to your home

We treat your home as we would want ours treated.

Recognizing the value of both the aesthetics and functionality of your property, we strive to conduct all evaluations and repairs with minimal disturbance. Our experts are skilled in pinpointing leaks precisely and carrying out focused repairs, mitigating the issue without the need for excessive digging or harm to your landscaping.

Don’t let an irrigation leak affect your property’s condition or lead to higher water bills. Reach out to our specialists in irrigation leak detection for an assessment today, and allow us to assist you in efficiently and accurately restoring your irrigation system’s performance with little inconvenience.

Bullseye Leak Detection

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professional irrigation leak detection in stockton

We use advanced diagnostic tools to perform the following:

We perform a complete inspection to identify visible issues.

To identify the irrigation supply line, it's important to note that our tools are unable to detect non-metallic lines directly. However, PVC irrigation lines are frequently installed alongside a tracer wire. If this is the case, we will use this tracer wire to locate and clearly mark the line for you.

Pressure testing ensures the high-pressure supply line, which connects your home water source to the irrigation control valves, is in good condition.

We use an ultrasonic listening device that detect the sound of CO2 escaping from breaks. This allows for the most precise leak detection in your irrigation system.

Should the leak occur within the low-pressure section of your system, it might be necessary to dismantle and seal off sprinkler heads or dig up concealed valves.

This process can be quite labor-intensive, and to help reduce costs, we typically advise that you or your landscaper temporarily seal the leaking zone if feasible.

Following this, our technician will conduct another pressure examination on the low-pressure segment to pinpoint the location with the highest pressure readings.

irrigation leak detection stockton
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Protect your home and your wallet with Flo by Moen Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff.

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stay one step ahead of water damage

Protect your home and your wallet with Flo by Moen Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff.