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What to Do if Moisture is Found in Your Home

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moisture in home

A little moisture is bound to occur in your home from time to time. The bathroom will get humid when you take a hot bath or shower. The kitchen may get a bit more humid while you’re cooking. But if you have a persistent issue of high humidity in a certain area of your home, you likely have a leak or some sort of water intrusion somewhere nearby. If you find water damage or moisture in your home, here’s what you must do.

What to Do If You Find Moisture in Your Home

Step 1: Find the Source

The very first thing you need to do is find the source of the moisture. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. While moisture can occasionally have a very obvious source nearby, it takes a professional with specialized equipment to pinpoint it. You should contact a leak detection company near me to help you find where the moisture is coming from.

It’s important to note that water intrusion in a home is not always from plumbing, so contacting a plumber generally isn’t the best choice. You want to work with someone who has expertise in all forms of leak detection and can find the source of the intrusion, regardless of whether it’s an underground pipe, leaky window, or roof damage. A leak detection expert has the tools needed to pinpoint the source of the leak.

Step 2: Stop the Leak

Once you know the source of the water intrusion, it’s time to stop it. The exact way to do this will vary depending on the source. If you have a leaky pipe, simply shutting off the water will stop the leak until it can be repaired. Other water sources, however, may be more difficult to put a quick stop to. You may have to temporarily stop up leaky windows or catch the drips from a leaky roof to prevent further water damage.

Step 3: Remove Mold

Unfortunately, excess moisture in your home almost always means mold growth. Mold can grow in a damp area in as little as 24 hours, so these slow sources of water intrusion often allow mold to flourish before the homeowner even knows there’s a problem. You’ll need to seek professional mold remediation to ensure all mold is removed so you don’t have to worry about it re-blooming later.

Leak Detection Company Near Me

Step 4: Repair the Problem

With the leak temporarily stopped (to the best of your abilities), and the mold successfully mitigated, it’s time for long-term repairs. Again, the way to do this varies, but one of our water intrusion experts can at least point you in the right direction. Suppose the leak source is not within our skillset to repair (such as a leaky roof or a basement that needs waterproofing). In that case, we can recommend getting those repairs done quickly and professionally. If the issue is with your plumbing, we can help you to repair or replace the damaged portion of the pipe to prevent future leaks.

Step 5: Restore Your Home

Finally, after the source of the moisture is repaired and all mold is removed, it’s time to get your home back to normal. This could mean restoring your concrete slab after your water main is repaired, installing new drywall after patching a leak in your plumbing, or conducting any other repairs that will set your home to rights again.

Contact Central Valley Bullseye Leak Detection if you find excess moisture anywhere in your home or have a reason to suspect that you leak somewhere. We provide comprehensive leak detection and repair services, including pool leak repair in Central Valley, CA. Call now to schedule your inspection.

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