Create a Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

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Maintaining a pool isn’t a very easy task and requires a lot of time, effort, and commitment. Many Californians remove their pool covers and get their swimming pools ready for use as the weather warms up. If you’re one of them, it’s not only essential to make sure your pool is in proper shape before using it the first time—you should try to keep it in excellent condition throughout the year. Keep reading to get tips from our pool leak detection specialists in Sacramento on maintaining your pool and preventing pool leaks.

Weekly Tasks

When making a maintenance checklist for your pool, breaking the tasks down into weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks is often easiest. So, let’s start with your weekly tasks. Here are the main things you should be doing at least once a week to keep your pool water clear and your equipment functioning properly:

  1. Skim off leaves and debris – Skimming is one of the most basic tasks that any pool owner will need to perform. Depending on conditions in your area (high winds, trees growing over the pool, etc.), you might actually have to do this more than once a week. Use a skimmer to remove all leaves, sticks, insects, and other debris from the pool’s surface. Doing this while the debris is still floating can prevent stains on your pool’s surfaces, which is why you should do it as often as needed.
  2. Brush walls and floor – After you’re done skimming, you should grab a long-handled pool brush. Dirt and algae can cling to the pool’s walls and settle to the floor, so scrub them off and push them towards the pool drain.
  3. Vacuum the pool – After you’ve loosened all dirt and algae clinging to the surfaces, it’s good to use a pool vacuum (either automatic or manual) to ensure that everything you’ve loosened gets removed from the pool. While you may be tempted to rely on the pool’s filtration system to get that gunk out of your pool, it’s simply not powerful or fast enough to filter all of it out before any of that dirt or algae resettles onto surfaces.
  4. Test the pool water – Your pool’s chemicals are vital to maintaining clear, beautiful, clean water to swim in. Make sure you have a test kit to check the pH and chlorine levels weekly. If needed, add chemicals to adjust those levels.
  5. Empty the pump basket and skimmer – If these become too clogged with debris, the pool’s motor can overheat.
  6. Check the pressure gauge – It’s a good idea to give this a quick glance to ensure everything is as expected.


The good news is that weekly tasks are the lengthiest list, so you don’t have to worry about your monthly or quarterly checklists adding a great deal more to your to-do lists. Here are the pool maintenance items you should perform every month:

  1. Test salt levels – This is only for saltwater pools. As mentioned above, if you have a chlorinated pool, you’ll test those levels weekly. Saltwater pools need salt levels tested each month, and you’ll need to adjust those levels based on the test results.
  2. Lubricate O-rings – The pump’s filter, lid, and valves all have O-rings that experience some normal wear and tear. If you lubricate them monthly, they’ll last longer. If you do notice any cracking in these rings during your monthly lubrication, remove and replace them.
  3. Check for leaks – Inspect your pump, valves, and other pool equipment for any sign of leaks on at least a monthly basis. If you have any reason to suspect you have a pool leak, contact our leak detection experts to pinpoint and repair it right away.

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Quarterly maintenance tasks can differ for your pool depending on the season. For example, you’ll want to winterize your pool in the last quarter of the year and tune it up near the end of the first quarter as you prepare to use it again. In addition to these seasonal tasks, you should also check your filters quarterly. This includes your cartridge filter, D.E. filter, and sand filter, depending on the type of pool and filtration system you have.

If you need a professional inspection and pressure test to determine if your pool has a leak, contact Bullseye Leak Detection today. Our swimming pool leak detection company in Sacramento is one of the best in the industry. Whether the leak is in the pool’s surface or the pump system, we’ll find and repair it quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your pool and the warmer weather. Contact us today to schedule your inspection or repair.