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Water Leak Detection

With heavy rain comes water intrusion. Failed flashings at a window, door, roof, or chimney can lie dormant until the precise set of circumstances pushes water into your home. Occasionally, a combination of hidden events—unrelated to rain, snow, or pressurized plumbing–conspires to damage a wall, ceiling, or floor.

This is when water leak detection comes into play. Knowing there’s a leak and finding it are two different things. Rather than blindly searching for a leak, our company uses state-of-the-art water detector equipment to help you find where the water is coming from.

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Bullseye Leak Detection

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how do we detect a water leak?

After ruling out a plumbing leak, our technicians systematically spray test, while utilizing thermal imaging and moisture detection technology, to locate the exact leak source.

Intelligent detective work saves time and money, providing the answers you need to fix damage for good. Once the water leak finder has done the work, Bullseye Leak Detection can complete water leak repair.

At Bullseye Leak Detection in Sacramento, CA, we apply our experience and technology to the job at hand to ensure that you get the best results. Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out firsthand the difference an expert with the right equipment can make in securing your home and protecting it from further water damage.