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Utilities run under every home and property.

Excavating at an unmarked utility can result in injury and property damage. Bullseye follows strict safety protocol, which requires utility identification as part of the project’s scope of work. USA 811, necessary on every excavation project, identifies public utilities. We provide an additional service: confirming USA’s public utility locations with a second set of eyes and identifying all on-site private utilities.

When inspecting sewer and storm drains, our technician identifies pipe size, depth, and location, critical information when determining the appropriate grading for new connecting pipes. Electrical lines for lighting and secondary structures, such as garages and guest houses, can wreak havoc on a project. No amount of guesswork can provide the level of reassurance that a professional utility location provides.

sewer utilitiy locations
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sewer & Utility GPR

In years past, underground non-metallic pipes, concrete storm and sewer systems, lines without tracer wires, storage tanks, and septic systems were unlocatable.

GPR resolves this, providing you with an accurate understanding of your property’s sub-surface infrastructure. By rolling the GPR equipment in a grid pattern over the property, with radar shooting as deep as 20 feet into the ground, our professionally trained technician can see abandoned septic tanks as well as known and unknown utilities.

We can perform utility location and GPR together or individually, depending on your needs and the scope of the project.

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