Grease Lines

When the grease line in a commercial kitchen drains slowly, you know you’re in for some headaches. Clogged grease can cause foul kitchen odors, and excessive build-up can lead to messy back-ups. A simple sewer snake will only puncture the grease, without removing it.

The hydrojetter sprays high-pressure water at more than 3000 psi onto the interior walls of the pipe, flushing out built-up grease and debris. Once the jetting is complete, our skilled technicians perform a video inspection to ensure that the pipe is clear and flowing.

sewer pipes

Old cast-iron sewer pipes often build up a heavy layer of rust and debris on their interior walls, triggering soft-blockages more and more frequently. Snaking the line simply knocks some of the loose debris free, causing it to settle on the base of the pipe. A professional hydrojetting flushes debris completely out of the system.

We hydrojet from the beginning of the pipe–floor drains, clean-outs, and roof vents–thus pushing debris out to the main trunk pipe and into the city main, leaving you with a clean, flowing sewer pipe. Our trained technicians always finish with a sewer video inspection to determine if the line is indeed clear and to identify any problem spots.