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At Bullseye Leak Detection, we offer expert residential rerouting and repiping in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Our team will asses your needs and provide quality, cost-effective solutions.

Whether you’re upgrading an older home’s piping infrastructure or need to reroute pipes due to remodeling or structural changes, our expertise ensures seamless solutions tailored to your specific needs. From assessing your current plumbing setup to implementing durable materials and modern techniques, we’re here to optimize your home’s water distribution system with minimal disruption and maximum peace of mind. Explore how our professional services can transform your home plumbing for the better.

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Pipe Reroutes

Rerouting a water line is similar to heart bypass surgery to the extent that when we perform a reroute, we utilize precision and expertise to eliminate a leaking or failed pipe and bypass it with a new length of modern Pex piping.

When an underground pipe breaks in a tricky location and a spot repair is not feasible, a good option for repair is to reroute the leaking pipe overhead, through the walls and/or attic.

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Reroute Process

Once the construction process begins, we erect a zip wall containment system to protect the home from dust and debris.

We cut clean access holes, making every attempt to salvage sheetrock for reinstallation upon completion. We then plumb the new Pex piping to the affected faucet or fixture. Because this piping may run through the attic or in areas exposed to higher temperatures, we install nail guards, insulation and straps to protect it. This is a cost-effective, long-term solution when choosing an appropriate repair.

The first step in this process is a manifold test. During the leak detection, our expert technicians detect the location of the branch manifold(s). The repair crew makes a precise hole in the wall to access this manifold. By cutting apart the manifold and testing each of the lines, they identify which pipe is leaking and what it feeds. With a reroute, the goal is to isolate this one pipe and reuse the rest of the non-leaking plumbing on the system. However, in some instances, we replace multiple pipes feeding one area of the house.

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We repipe a home when the existing pipes are no longer usable or repairable.

In some cases, we encounter defective piping, such as KyTek or Durapex, which cannot be repaired piecemeal or with spot repairs. A repipe may include either the hot or the cold side of the system or both at the same time. Typically, repiping a home is a large construction project that takes a large crew multiple days to complete. If you’ve dealt with previous leaks–either sub-slab or on failing, defective piping–this is a great long-term, dependable solution for your plumbing problem. 

Repiping Process

If you choose to get a repipe, a lead technician will typically perform a preliminary site walkthrough.

We want to determine the best options for opening walls and routing pipes in a way that minimizes the amount of patchback and painting required at the end of the project. By having a pre-planned strategy, we are able to keep you in the house during construction, efficiently and effectively complete the project, and minimize your downtime without water. Our team uses Uponor Pex for repipes, which has a long history as a durable, dependable product and comes with a manufacturer 25-year warranty on pipes and fittings. The repair team are certified Uponor Pex installers, which ensures correct sizing and installation. As stated above in the reroutes section, we use precise access and containment to minimize damage and dust in the home.

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