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With more than 15 years of experience inspecting a range of water damage scenarios, Bullseye is the preferred leak detection go-to for nearly every insurance carrier in our coverage area.

Both homeowners and insurance adjusters trust our dedicated team, contacting us daily–sometimes hourly–with new claims.

Our experienced technicians systematically test pool, plumbing, and sewer lines as well as any suspicious structural features, like window and roof flashings, to both rule out suspects and pinpoint the culprits. We trace the source to the area of concern, noting key indicators to determine cause and duration. Bullseye has garnered a stellar reputation for both thorough reports and speedy turnaround. Because we also have a dedicated team of repair technicians, we provide detailed estimates and can make the necessary repairs.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Inspections

Some of the most common areas of water damage are the areas we use the most: the kitchen sink, dishwasher, bathroom sink, shower, and toilet.

Our systematic testing approach and sophisticated detection equipment allow us to identify the source of your plumbing leak in these areas.

The thermal imaging camera and moisture meter are just a couple of the tools in our kit for determining the source of a bathroom or kitchen leak without the excessive cost of opening walls.

For kitchen inspections, our technician will methodically test all of the appliances to determine if there are failures or plumbing issues related to the damage. Once we confirm the leak’s origin, we can analyze how the water migrated to the damaged area. Our inspection process clarifies the primary source of the leak as well as any secondary leaks that may be related to the claim.

Bathrooms have multiple areas that can sustain water damage. When identifying the source of a bathroom leak, our technician will test each of the faucets and fixtures, as well as shower enclosures and tubs, to ascertain if one or more relate to the affected area of loss.

Cause and Origin Reporting

Bullseye’s thorough, professional, and timely inspections ensure that your claims are processed with ease and clarity.

Our technicians have years of field experience as well as top-notch equipment to ascertain origin, cause, and duration on claims ranging from mysterious odors to sudden flooding. Detailing the damage footprint as well as how an area became damaged ensures proper claim coverage. We provide an unparalleled level of detail in our reports so that the claim process can run as quickly and efficiently as possible for both the adjuster and the homeowner.

We make every attempt to dispatch technicians within 48 hours of your inspection request and process detailed cause and duration reports—with site photos—within 24 hours of the inspection.

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