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Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA
Plumbing Specialists in Sacramento, CA

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Welcome to Bullseye Leak Detection

Save Time, Save Water, Save Money

Gone are the days when a leaky faucet was just an annoyance. Now, with the high cost of water in California, water running down the drain represents real money down the drain. Over the past decade, our family-owned, specialized plumbing business has steadily grown to provide a range of expert plumbing solutions that save time, water, and money. For the best bathroom plumbing, kitchen sink plumbing, pool plumbing repairs, natural gas leak repairs, and more, call Bullseye.

Why Bullseye?


We've made a name for ourselves! Check us out on Yelp, Google, Angie's List, and BBB. Our customers love our affordable precision plumbing services and they also appreciate how we GIVE BACK to the community.


Our specialty is precision. We are not your everyday average central plumbing contractor; we’re a leak detection service. We use specialized tools and techniques to examine your entire plumbing system, pinpoint the exact source of the problem, and make lasting repairs. Our core team of expert technicians and dedicated administrative staff consistently delivers expert services.


Our services are timely, thorough, and cost-effective and we provide clear, understandable written reports. Whether you’re having emergency plumbing services or a scheduled service call, you’ll always know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how much it will cost.

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Range of Services
  • Sewer video Inspection AND Hydro Jetting
  • Residential & commercial Leak detection
  • Pool & spa leak detection and repair
  • Utility location & GPR
  • Plumbing Repair

BullsEye Leak DetectionThe Plumbing Specialists

Your Source for Leak Detection and Repair

Sacramento Plumbing Specialists Time is money. Today, water is money, too. A serious pipe break can inflict serious financial damage. Professional leak detection saves time otherwise spent blindly stumbling around for answers and saves money with fast, expert water-saving solutions that lead to a fast leak repair.

Pool or spa losing water? Slab leak? Water damage on the ceiling? Sewer line backups? Unmarked underground utilities? Water intrusion? Need a pipe repaired, rerouted, or replaced? We take a systematic approach to every job, whether it's thermal imaging, moisture meter inspections, water and fire main leak detections, GPR utility locations, or correlator logger testing. That's why we're the most respected water leak detectors in the business. Our technicians analyze the entire plumbing system to pinpoint exact locations and breaks, and we deliver accurate, sound solutions to keep your repair costs at a minimum. Water is precious. So are your time and money.

Over the past decade, Bullseye Leak Detection Inc. in Sacramento, CA, has steadily grown to provide a range of specialized plumbing services, including leak detection, line location, sewer inspections, and an array of plumbing repairs. As a family-owned and -operated company, we pride ourselves on honest, high-quality service. We maintain these high standards by providing our team with consistent, ongoing training. Our experienced detection specialists employ the latest noninvasive, nondestructive detection techniques in concert with state-of-the-art equipment. Our repair crews carefully contain work areas for dust and debris prior to excavation and identify the most efficient, least destructive repair methods for the job at hand. We hold a C36 Plumbing license (935197) and carry both general liability and auto insurance in excess of $1 million. Contact us for the best leak detection service in Northern California.

Pools & Spas
Pool & Spa Leak Detections and Repair - Sacramento, CA Unchecked pool and spa leaks can cause costly damage to pumps and equipment, raise your water bill, and force you to add more and more chemicals or salt just to balance the system. Guesswork wastes valuable time, water, and money. Our leak detection experts locate underground pipe breaks and structural cracks by methodically testing the entire system. And our repair crew resolves leaks efficiently and effectively. Cracked skimmers, broken suction and return lines, leaky lights—we find and fix every leak under the sun (including the one under your deck). Our swimming pool and spa leak detection team is ready to serve you and save you money.

Leak Detection Services

Sacramento Leak Detection ServicesA high water bill, a hot spot on the floor, a mysterious sound, an odor, or puddling water may be the only clue that you’ve got a leak. Maybe your hot water heater won’t shut off, or water is flowing out the side of your foundation. Like all good detectives, our expert technicians pull together all the clues and investigate thoroughly, using noninvasive, nondestructive equipment, to pinpoint the problem with our water leak detection equipment and skills, and effectively resolve it. Whether we're working on a service line from meter to house, a commercial fire main, a hot or cold slab leak, a high-pressure irrigation main, gas leak detection, or a mysterious water intrusion, accuracy is our top priority.

Plumbing Repairs

Sacramento Plumbing ServicesFinding the leak is only half the story. An effective repair, professionally executed and competitively priced, provides the satisfactory ending. Our repair crew arrives at every job with a detailed leak detection report, an arsenal of high-quality tools, and years of plumbing experience. Whether repairing a sub-slab leak or repiping an entire house, we believe in cost-effective solutions that respond to the particulars of your home and your needs. We’ve also partnered with Ygrene Works to provide financing.

Sewer & Utility Locations

Sacramento Sewer Video Inspections Sewer backups? A slowly draining line? Our video inspections pinpoint sewer-line problems, including offsets, breaks, and roots, identifying their exact locations and depth. Video of the pipe's interior as well as a footage counter and locating sond document problem spots and laterals.

When excavating a sewer line or breaking ground for another project, you need a lay of the land. We locate all private utilities, including cable, telephone, fiber-optic, electrical, gas, water, and sewer lines, as well as storm drains and septic tanks, to avoid costly collateral damage. U.S.A. will only mark public utilities to the meter. We do the rest, marking the remaining private utilities on the property. It's just one more way we save our customers time and money.


Sewer Repairs
Sacramento Sewer RepairsRegardless of whether we’re performing a spot repair or an entire sewer system replacement, we approach every job with the same attention to detail. Plumbing repairs can impact your life. A house full of dust and debris or a yard full of upended landscaping can wreak havoc. Property protection is the very first step on every job we perform. For exterior repairs, we lay tarps and carefully remove ground cover. For interior repairs, we erect zip-wall containment and lay down construction paper and plastic along the construction path. To further minimize the disruption and cost associated with excavation, we offer trenchless sewer replacement. Instead of 100 feet of excavated pipe - and consequent landscaping/hardscaping removal - this process requires only two access holes on either end of the affected pipe. We value the opportunity to work on your property and take that responsibility seriously.

Commercial Projects

Commercial Leak Detection and Repair - Sacramento Every commercial project has a particular set of budgetary and scheduling requirements. Our team of administrative and field specialists will determine the best course of action for your particular project based on those requirements and your scope of work. BULLSEYE detection and repair technicians have extensive commercial and industrial project experience, and we provide our team with the specialty equipment and tools to inspect and repair Olympic-size swimming pools, water treatment plants, medical facilities, business parks, and more. Commercial projects can be complicated. With BULLSEYE’s expertise and professionalism, you’ll get the timely, cost-effective solutions you need.

(916) 760-8944

We called Bullseye at 1:30pm, and by 3pm, their tech Jessie was here to diagnose and solve the issue. He was very thorough in the process of elimination and narrowing down the problem, then he went straight to work in solving the issue ... even staying past 5pm on a Friday night to get the job completed. We appreciate the quick response by Bullseye, and the thoroughness of Jessie's work in detecting and solving our issue - he went above and beyond!

5 Star Reviews
Valerie Ice

Saved a lot of time and effort! My water meter had been running for weeks indicating a leak somewhere underground on my property. Bullseye showed up on time and found the leak in less than 20 minutes They were professional, courteous, and took care to return everything back to its original state. I cannot recommend these guys enough.

5 Star Reviews
Tiprin Lujan

I rarely share a review, but decided to recommend Bullseye Leak Detection to everyone looking for a reputable water leak detection company. It is very rare these days to find a contractor or service that actually does what is promised and that is honest and trustworthy. Adrian at Bullseye provided that very type of service for us today. Thank you Adrian!

Brent in Roseville

5 Star Reviews
Brent Newbold

I'm so happy I found Bullseye!!!

The 2 other leak detection companies failed to solve the leak mystery. Dan had no trouble describing the problem and even suggested ways to have it fixed that involved different types of contractors. I forgot to post a review for Bullseye but Dan recently called to follow up with me to make sure I found a good contractor to solve my problem. I recommend Bullseye 100%

5 Star Reviews

Daniel was excellent in his investigation and provided helpful and knowledgeable information regarding our entire plumbing system. I am thankful for his work and would recommend his company to anyone.

5 Star Reviews
Jennifer Meister

We appreciated their responsive, professional manner. With our specific circumstances, they could have taken advantage of us, but instead they were helpful and saved us a lot of money. Highly recommended.

5 Star Reviews
Angee Wangsgard