irrigation leak detection sacramento

We'll find the leak in your lawn irrigation system.

Experiencing unusual wetness in your yard, a sudden spike in your water bill, or a decrease in water pressure? You might have a leak in your irrigation system! When it comes to leaks of this nature, precision in detection and repair is key.

Our irrigation leak detection service is a meticulous process using advanced technology designed to locate leaks as precisely as possible, avoiding unnecessary damage that traditional exploratory methods might cause.

sacramento irrigation leak detection

Diagnosing the System

We treat your home as we would want ours treated.

Understanding the importance of your property’s appearance and utility, we aim to perform all diagnostics and repairs with the least possible disruption. Our technicians are trained to not only locate leaks accurately but also to provide targeted repairs that address the issue without unnecessary excavation or damage to your landscape.

Don’t let an irrigation leak disrupt your property or inflate your water bill. Contact our irrigation leak detection specialists today for a consultation, and let us help you restore the efficiency and integrity of your irrigation system with minimal hassle and maximum precision.

Bullseye Leak Detection

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expert irrigation leak detection in sacramento

Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, our technicians perform:

A thorough inspection to identify any visible problems.

To locate the irrigation supply line. While our equipment can’t detect non-metalic lines, PVC irrigation lines are often run with tracer wire. When that’s the case, we will track and mark out this line.

To verify the integrity of the high-pressure supply line, running from your domestic water source to the irrigation control valves.

For precise leak location, we use an ultrasonic listening device that detect the sound of CO2 escaping from breaks.

If the leak is on the low-pressure side of your system, we may need to remove and cap sprinkler heads, or excavate to expose buried valves. This is a time-consuming process and we always recommend that you or your landscaper cap off the affected, leaking zone, if possible to minimize expenses. Our technician then performs a second pressure test on the low pressure side, locating the area of highest readings.

irrigation leak detection sacramento
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