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It’s taking longer and longer to get hot water at the kitchen sink. Showers are warm, but never hot. You see water puddling around the water heater. Maybe your water heater makes a weird popping, creaking, or rumbling noise. These are all telltale signs that your water heater is failing, and it’s time for a plumber to take a look at it.

Water heaters are a part of the home that frequently gets ignored right up until it fails. But going entirely without hot water—even for a day or two—is far more complicated than you might imagine. In addition to showers and baths, hot water is vital for washing your hands, shaving with a razor, washing your dishes, running your dishwasher and washing machine, and more.

When it comes to water heaters, age is more than just a number. Most water heaters should be replaced around the 10-year mark, so if your unit is nearing this age or has already lived beyond a decade, you should consider a water heater replacement soon.

Our expert plumbers know water heaters. Whether you’re considering a traditional storage tank water heater or a tankless water heater installation, the Bullseye team will handle the appropriate sizing, permitting, and plumbing, as well as scheduling the final municipal inspection to ensure our water heater service is to code and safe for your home. Our plumbers bring years of experience in the trade as well as comprehensive knowledge of local building regulations and California plumbing codes.

Rather than waiting until your water heater bites the dust, keep a lookout for telltale signs that it’s failing: noises, puddling, intermittent heating. Then call us for a hot water heater replacement in Sacramento as soon as possible.

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Traditional water heaters have their benefits. Namely, the water heater itself is less expensive.

A storage tank water heater maintains a tank’s-worth of hot water. Since replacing a traditional storage tank water heater with another traditional storage tank water heater involves less reconfiguration and code changes, the installation cost is generally less expensive.

We use Bradford White water heaters because they are made in America and typically come with a manufacturer 10-year warranty. In our experience, they have handled the rare product issue promptly and effectively.

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tankless water heater

tankless water heaters

Space-savers, tankless water heaters take up a lot less room than traditional water heaters and can be mounted in an attic, on an exterior wall, even in a closet.

Tankless heaters also have long-term cost and energy-efficiency benefits. Perhaps even more important, you’ll never have to face a finite supply of hot water again. If you’ve ever yelled the words, “Who used up all the hot water?” as suds slipped down from your shampooed head, you were the recipient of traditional storage-tank hot water. These water heaters have a limited supply of hot water (a tankful, to be precise). Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, heat water as you (and the rest of your household) need it. So, you can’t run out. Of course, this also means that the heater requires a larger supply of gas (approximately 180,000 btu’s), whereas a traditional water heater only requires 40,000 btu’s. Therefore, a dedicated gas pipe may need to be installed from the meter to the new heater. While installing a tankless heater, our techs also install a new gfi plug next to the unit to power it. Since an instant water heater doesn’t have to keep a whole tank of water hot all day and night, it can keep your gas or electric bill lower over the long run. The results: a limitless hot water supply and little to no wasted energy usage.