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Our dedicated repair team performs a range of pool repairs. They’re in contact with our leak detection specialists, so the particulars of each new project stay crystal clear from start to finish. No details lost. No instructions overlooked. We stand behind our repair work with a one-year warranty.

Pool Leak FAQs

Allowing a leak to go unchecked can lead to permanent damage to your pool and its surrounding decking. As the water leaks out, it can erode the soil, causing voids under the deck or pool as well as deterioration to the reinforcing bar that supports the pool and deck. A simple detection and repair now can save you from costly and extensive repairs down the road.

Pump Damage
If a leak goes unchecked and a pool’s water drops below the level of the skimmer throat, the pump will run dry. Such overheating will damage the pool’s pump.

Extra Cost Of Water & Chemicals
So, you’ve got a leak. You know not to drain the pool because of the potential for structural damage. And you know not to let the water drop below the level of the skimmer because of the potential for pump damage. That means you are continually refilling your pool to keep it at normal operating level. And this additional water needs to be treated with more chemicals or salt, depending on your system. The cost of water and treatment can add up, making a leak repair a wise, economical decision. Contact us at Bullseye Leak Detection in Sacramento to schedule an appointment for pool and spa leak repair.

A floating pool can happen in heavily saturated soil. If the pool doesn’t have enough water in it to equalize the pressure from the surrounding soil, it can begin to float.

The side of a fiberglass pool may begin to buckle if the ground around the pool gets too wet. The result is major, expensive damage to the pool. Limited damage may be repairable, but major warping might require an entire replacement.

This is why we almost never recommend emptying your pool completely

Your pool may have a leak if you notice these signs:

  1. Water level drop
  2. Excessive chemical use
  3. Cracks or loose tiles
  4. Wet spots or soft soil
  5. Increased water bills

If you suspect that your pool is leaking, you should contact the experts at Bullseye Leak Detection. We have a team of professionals that can identify and fix swimming pool leaks fast.

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pipe repairs

Once we have pinpointed the location of a broken pool pipe, the line then needs to be repaired.

Because your pool deck is the only thing people see once the repair is complete, we understand the importance of minimizing excavation and use techniques specific to inground spa leak repair and pool repair. To make a clean hole, we start by saw-cutting the concrete. The concrete deck and the gunite underneath are then jackhammered out to expose the pipe. Our trained technicians carefully cut out the broken section and use signature repair techniques to reconnect the pipe and minimize restrictive flow.

We retest the pipe to ensure a sound repair and, if necessary, locate secondary leaks along the same line. We then backfill and compact the ground. The final step is the most aesthetically important. Pool decks have many different textures, colors, and designs. We strive to match color and texture as closely as possible to prevent eyesores in your most valued leisure-time area.

A swimming pool leak repair isn’t just about saving money on water and its treatment chemicals. It’s also about making sure that you have your pool and spa available for exercise, stress relief, and family fun. Just as important, it’s about retaining your home’s monetary value. Your pool and spa can add to the equity of your home, but a leaky pool or spa can quickly drain some of that equity away. Get your leak repaired as soon as possible and get back to enjoying your pool.

skimmer replacements

Skimmers look fairly simple from the deck: a lid with a basket, an opening into the pool with a weir to skim the water.

But below the surface, that skimmer is built into the pool wall, reinforced with rebar, and plumbed with various pipes encased in gunite. It is of utmost importance that a replacement skimmer not shift or separate from the pool wall.

Skimmer replacements are a highly technical repair. Once we’ve removed the leaking skimmer and installed the new one, we retest the plumbing to ensure the pipes are free of leaks. The skimmer is reattached to the pool wall by pinning in new rebar and pouring a concrete collar around the body of the skimmer. Finally, we patch the deck and skimmer throat with attention to aesthetic detail.

polyurethane grout injection

Polyurethane is a water-proof, water-activated, injectable foam.

First developed to seal dams and prevent water from leaking through retaining walls, this product has been tried and tested for years and is a durable, proven repair for structural cracks and leaking skimmers. When our technicians perform the initial leak detection, typically they apply a two-part epoxy to minor structural cracks and skimmer throats to temporarily stop leaks. The polyurethane injection is a permanent repair with a one-year guarantee.

To begin, our technician bores injection ports into the pool wall, intersecting the structural crack, or into the skimmer, intersecting the crack at the throat. He then inserts high-pressure injection nozzles into these ports and lays protective plastic over the area to prevent staining. The grout pumps into the ports at pressures of up to 1000 psi, filling in voids and washed out areas that would be unreachable by surface patching.

The grout chemically reacts with the water that has leaked out through the crack, transforming into a water-proof foam and expanding to permanently seal the leak. Once the foam has cured, our technician removes the protective plastic and cleans the area of excess grout. Please be aware that minor staining sometimes occurs.

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