How to Have My Home Professionally Inspected for Water Intrusion

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Water intrusion is a problem that can cause severe damage to your home, and it can come from any number of sources. It can be a foundation that hasn’t been properly waterproofed, an old window with deteriorating seals, or even leaky pipes. Whatever the source, excess moisture in your home can cause water damage, mold growth, and other problems. It’s important that you can pinpoint the source of the water intrusion and treat it to prevent future damage. The best way to do this is with a professional water intrusion inspection. But how does getting one of these inspections actually work? Keep reading to learn more about our water intrusion inspections, leak detection, and slab repair in Sacramento.

Step One: Finding the Right Professional

The first step in getting a professional water intrusion inspection is to ensure that you’re hiring the right kind of professional. This is not a job for your average neighborhood plumber. While a plumber may be adequately equipped to check your plumbing system for leaks, they’re less prepared to deal with issues like leaky basements and windows and may even lack the skills and tools to deal with slab leaks.

It’s important to work with a company like ours, which specializes in leak detection. Regardless of the source of the moisture, we can help you diagnose the problem and advise you on how to stop it at its source.

Step Two: The Inspection

Once you’ve found the right company to help you with your water intrusion problem, it’s time to schedule your inspection and let the experts get to work. We do our best to schedule inspections as soon as possible, and especially prioritize leaks, because we know how quickly water damage can spread and we try to stop it as soon as possible.

Suppose we suspect your leak is in the plumbing. In that case, we’ll use additional equipment like highly sensitive audio equipment to listen for the sound of CO2, which we induce into leaking lines, escaping from leaking lines, or infrared detectors to find where hot water is pooling and how far it has spread. When your inspector arrives, they’ll utilize several advanced tools to test the moisture levels throughout your home. This can help us narrow down our search to a specific area of your home.

Step Three: The Repairs

Once we have found the source of the water intrusion in your home, it’s time to talk about how to stop it. Depending on where the water is coming from, there may be a number of different approaches to dealing with the issue. An old, leaky window may need to be replaced; you may need to completely waterproof your basement and install a sump pump, or you may need to repair or replace certain pipes in your plumbing system. We’ll discuss the exact details of the problem with you, so you’re fully informed, then provide our recommendations for addressing it. Even if the fix isn’t something within our realm of expertise, we can at least get you pointed in the right direction to deal with the water intrusion.

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Schedule Your Water Intrusion Inspection

If your home is inexplicably humid, you see signs of water damage or have a persistent problem with mold growth. You likely have some sort of water intrusion in your home. Contact Bullseye Leak Detection today to schedule an inspection with Sacramento’s leak detection expert and plumbing contractor. We’ll find the source of the water intrusion and set you on the path to set it to rights.