Water Main Problems and How We Can Help

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When you turn on a faucet in your home, the water flows almost instantaneously. It’s a modern convenience that most of us take for granted, but there’s one pipe that is constantly working to ensure that water is always waiting for you. Your water main line is responsible for bringing that water to you from the city, and if something goes wrong with it, you can find yourself with some severe problems on your hands. Keep reading to learn the most common kinds of water main troubles and plumbing repair in Sacramento.

What Is Your Water Main?

Before we get into the common issues with water main lines, let’s talk about precisely what and what portion of it you’re responsible for. As we’ve already mentioned, the water main is the pipe that brings water from the city’s water supply to your home. The city’s water main runs down your street, and an individual service line runs from that pipe to your home. These pipes are buried several feet underground to help protect them.

An issue with any part of the water main can cause problems for your home. However, you are only responsible for repairing issues in the pipe that’s located on your property. So, the public water main remains the city’s responsibility, as does the portion of your service line located on public property. But if an issue arises in the pipe on your side of the property line, you’ll be the one who has to get it fixed.

Now, let’s discuss the issues most likely to arise on your side of the line.

Leaks in Pipe Joints

All pipes (including your water main) are made up of multiple pieces. The pieces of pipe are carefully connected to ensure they remain water-tight, but the fact remains that every joint between pipes is a weak spot in the line. Leaks are much more likely to develop in these spots than in the piping itself. As water rushes through the pipe, it will vibrate slightly, resulting in a slight loosening of the joints year after year. Eventually, water can begin to leak through these joints.

If you notice wet spots in your yard, it could be a sign that your water main is leaking. We can pinpoint the exact location of the leak, then dig up and repair the leaking joint quickly so that you’re no longer paying to put a puddle in your grass.

Holes and Breaks

As we stated earlier, water mains are buried underground to help protect them from several factors, including freezing weather and potential damage from outside sources. But it is still possible for these pipes to become damaged over time. Again, the movement of water through the pipe can cause it to vibrate; if a hard surface is nearby, such as a concrete slab or a large rock, the pipe will rub at a high rate of speed against this surface.

Over time, it can wear down the pipe, and the pressure of the water inside can result in a leak or even burst through the weakened area. A hole in your pipe—even a small one—can also allow dirt and other contaminants into your water supply. It is a health hazard, so it’s important to get these issues fixed right away.

If your water main is leaking, you’ll likely notice a drop in water pressure in your home, while your water bill will rise. You could also see those puddles in your yard that we mentioned in the previous section, and you might notice discoloration in your water if dirt is getting into the pipe. We can pinpoint where the leak is located in the water main to avoid digging up your whole yard and then quickly replace the damaged section.

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Total Failure

Plumbing can last for decades, and your water main is no different. However, if the water main is old enough (typically, more than 50 years old) and you’ve had persistent issues with your water supply, then a simple repair likely won’t do the trick. It’s a better idea to replace the entire pipe to prevent more issues in the future.

While this might sound like a huge ordeal, we can make the process quick and relatively painless through trenchless water main replacement. It minimizes the damage to your property while giving you a new, reliable supply line for your home’s water.

If your water main is giving you trouble, contact the best plumbers in Sacramento—the ones found here at Bullseye Leak Detection.