Our clients include a number of large commercial properties, property management companies, homeowners associations, municipalities, and insurance companies. We can provide you with references as well as the standard vendor-qualifying paperwork, including additional insured, workman’s compensation, and a W-9.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Shut-downs and burn-outs. Commercial pools and spas are typically regulated by the health department and a bad leak can warrant shut-down by department inspectors. Leaks can make proper chemical balance and water-level maintenance nearly impossible, leading to motor burn-out, high acid levels, and plaster deterioration.

Thorough inspection. Our technicians isolate and pressure test all of the plumbing, diving the structure to remove drain and outlet covers, insert plugs, and pressure test the various systems on a complex commercial pool. We also thoroughly inspect the structure using a non-staining dye-testing method. Once the work is complete, we provide a detailed report and a written estimate of repair should one be necessary.

Drain covers. With passage of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, also known as the Pool and Spa Safety Act, drain covers must be in compliance with safety specifications in order to guard against entrapment and possible death. Our technicians inspect and replace non-compliant drain covers, as well as drain covers that that are old, broken, or subject to recent recalls.

Buildings and Property Inspections

Test and locate. On commercial properties we are able to test and locate leaks in the underground fire-protection lines, domestic water service, and irrigation systems. We locate and map out the affected system. We then use CO2, helium, or continuous compressed air to charge the system and pinpoint the underground leakage using an ultrasonic listening device or molecule counter.

Fewer disruptions - lower costs. Many of these properties have multiple occupancies, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, industrial equipment operation, and/or peak customer flow times. Our courteous staff will work with you and your tenants to perform the inspection at a time that is least disruptive to your daily operations.

We know that leaks are costly and halting business operations even costlier. We strive to provide our services as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Water, Irrigation, and Fire Main Leak Detections

These three lines are the primary water supplies for every commercial building. They fulfill your drinking water, fire protection, and landscaping needs. Most leaks are not obvious and don't surface precisely at their source. That's why non-invasive leak detection is critical to identify the leak location. First, our skilled technicians test and identify which pipes are leaking. Then they use radio detection and locating equipment to map out the path of the leaking pipe. Finally, compressed air or a tracer gas makes the active leak audible and our technician locates the area of highest electronic readings. Don't excavate an entire lenghth of pipe to locate a leak. Stretches of damaged landscaping and parking lot add another expensive headache to an already tricky situation. We aim for accurate, speedy resolutions that keep repair costs within budget.

Utility Locating and GPR

Utilities run under every building and property. Excavating at an unmarked utility can result in injury and property damage. Bullseye follows strict safety protocol, which requires utility identification as part of the projectís scope of work. USA 811, necessary on every excavation project, identifies public utilities. We provide an additional service: confirming USAís public utility locations with a second set of eyes and identifying all on-site private utilities. When inspecting sewer and storm drains, our technician identifies pipe size, depth, and location, critical information when determining the appropriate grading for new connecting pipes. Electrical lines for lighting and secondary structures, such as garages and guest houses, can wreak havoc on a project. No amount of guesswork can provide the level of reassurance that a professional utility location provides.

In years past, underground non-metallic pipes, concrete storm and sewer systems, lines without tracer wires, storage tanks, and septic systems were unlocatable. GPR resolves this, providing you with an accurate understanding of your propertyís sub-surface infrastructure. By rolling the GPR equipment in a grid pattern over the property, with radar shooting as deep as 20 feet into the ground, our professionally trained technician can see abandoned septic tanks as well as known and unknown utilities.

We can perform utility location and GPR together or individually, depending on your needs and the scope of the project.

Correlator Logger

When testing large pressurized water systems, such as fire protection loops, extensive industrial facility water infrastructure, city and county water infrastructure, and agricultural water pipes, we recommend a correlator logger system. Testing up to a half mile of pipe at a time, the logger correlates with up to 6 sensors and integrates with GPS. Our trained technicians place electronic, audible sensors on the individual valves, hydrants, and backflow preventers, then load site-specific information into the computer. The sensors download their information, and our technicians analyze the readings to identify the leaking section of pipe and pinpoint the leak. In order to prevent unnecessary shut-downs or other inconveniences to your business--and to minimize traffic and ambient noise--our trained technicians can set up the equipment at night for a timed, measured test. Alternately, we can use an instant-read method, taking readings on-site with multiple configurations. This faster method prevents multiple site trips and offers timely resolution to the leakage. When scheduling, our office staff and lead technician will coordinate with you to determine the best plan of action for your particular project.

Plumbing Repairs

Our written proposals take into account business operations, traffic flow, safety concerns, and budgetary needs. Our experienced team of repair technicians and their site foreman coordinate with your staff to ensure a smooth repair with minimal disruptions. Bullseye Leak Detection, Inc. is licensed and bonded, and we can pull all necessary permits. We ensure that all work is done to code, handling any code changes required and coordinating the inspection with the appropriate building department. The day of the repair, our professional plumbers prepare a safe, clean environment by setting up barricades and caution tape as well as traffic and parking detours. Before excavation begins, a Bullseye technician--in conjunction with USA--clears the area for unknown utilities. Once excavation has begun, we maintain safety and cleanliness by shoring trenches with safety equipment and by storing excavated soil to better preserve the landscaping and property. Our technicians have the unique ability to identify secondary leaks, so repairs are not complete until the plumbing line passes a second inspection. This keeps the project moving forward and on schedule. We ensure that the area is safe and secure by laying down trench plating and barricades and by clearing the pedestrian and vehicle pathways of obstructions. We can patch back most hardscape surfaces. For large asphalt surfaces, we can provide you with a licensed asphalt patching subcontractor.

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