So, you’ve determined that you most likely have a plumbing leak. Why call a leak detector? Why not just call a plumber to fix the problem? Plumbers don’t have the expertise or the tools to locate leaks with precision.

If you’ve got a heart condition you go to a specialist, not the family doctor. And If you’ve got a leak, you call a leak detector. Forgoing a leak detection can lead to unnecessary damage: jackhammered floors, demolitioned walls, and removed cabinetry, to name a few costly mistakes. A simple leak detection can save you money and limit damage to your property.

A trained leak detector diagnoses the entire system. We check all the plumbing fixtures and valves with an ultrasonic listening device, and we map out the entire plumbing system using a digital radio detection pipe-line locator. This ensures the highest level of accuracy when pinpointing your leak.