Commercial Property Inspection
Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial Inspector Sacramento, CAOn commercial properties we are able to test and locate leaks in the underground fire-protection lines, domestic water service, and irrigation systems. We locate and map out the affected system. We then use CO2, helium, or continuous compressed air to charge the system and pinpoint the underground leakage using an ultrasonic listening device or molecule counter.

Many of these properties have multiple occupancies, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, industrial equipment operation, and/or peak customer flow times. Our courteous staff will work with you and your tenants to perform the inspection at a time that is least disruptive to your daily operations.

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We know that leaks are costly and halting business operations even costlier. We strive to provide our services as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Our clients include large commercial properties, property management companies, homeowners associations, municipalities, and insurance companies. We can provide you with references as well as the standard vendor-qualifying paperwork, including additional insured, workman’s compensation, and W-9.