Leak Detection
DIY Tests

DIY Leak Tests


Running Water PlumbingThere are several indications that there might be a leak in your plumbing system. You might have noticed a sudden dip in your water pressure, for instance, or a sudden spike in your monthly water bill. Neither of these signs offers conclusive evidence, but it's important that you know there's a leak so that you can get it repaired as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are DIY water leak detection tests that can determine if you actually have a leak.

If you have a water meter, the first thing to do is to make sure nobody's using the water. Shut everything off. Don't take a shower, do laundry, wash dishes, or flush the toilet. Next, take a look at the meter itself. You'll see either a needle or a triangle. If it's moving, you've got a leak.


Your plumbing system should have two shutoff valves: one for the hot water and one for the cold water. The hot water shutoff is located at the hot water heater. The cold water shutoff is located where the water enters the building or house. Shut off these valves one at a time, then check the meter to determine if your leak is inside or outside and if it's on the hot water or cold water side.


You may find a very warm area on the floor, ranging in size from a few square feet to half a room. This indicates a break in the hot water plumbing under the slab.


When water travels through pipes, it makes an audible noise. You’ve doubtless heard the water running when your toilet tank is filling. Often, you’ll hear a similar sound when a pipe is leaking.

Even a small leak can do considerable damage to your home, so you'll want to take the necessary steps to get it repaired the moment it's discovered. Our technicians are trained to detect and repair leaks occurring anywhere in your home, saving you and your family from the expense and inconvenience of faulty plumbing.

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