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Slab & Water Main Leak Detection

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Slab and Water Main Leak DetectionYou’ve got a plumbing leak. It’s not a small, leaky faucet but rather a big leak that’s underground somewhere in your yard or under your slab foundation. You can’t see the leak, but you can tell it’s there by the high water bill, hot spot, or sound of running water. Why call a leak detector rather than a plumber? The simple answer is that plumbers don’t have the expertise or the tools to locate leaks with precision. If you’ve got a heart condition you go to a specialist, not the family doctor. And, if you’ve got a leak, you call a leak detector.

Tackling a leak without leak detection can result in unnecessary damage; unnecessarily jackhammered floors, demolished walls, and damaged cabinetry are costly mistakes. Professional slab leak detection can save you money and limit damage to your property.

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Our trained leak detectors diagnose the entire system. We check all the plumbing fixtures and valves with an ultrasonic listening device, and we map out the entire plumbing system using a digital radio detection pipe-line locator. This ensures the highest level of accuracy when pinpointing your leak. Bullseye Leak Detection services in Sacramento, CA, precisely pinpoint the location of the water leak and provide expert repairs with minimal disruption to your home or business.

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