Residential Water Leak Repair

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Sub-Slab Repairs With one of California’s largest concentrations of slab-foundation homes, the greater Sacramento area has its share of slab leaks. A hole the size of a ballpoint pen can leak thousands of gallons a day. An efficient, professional repair staunches the bleeding. Following a thorough inspection by one of our leak detection specialists, our repair crew seals the area against dust and debris, excavates to the precise breakage point, removes the damaged section, and plumbs in a new pipe. We always retest the system so that secondary leaks don’t catch you by surprise. As the repiping and repair specialists in Sacramento, CA, we guarantee our repairs with a one-year warranty.



Rerout and Repipes

When an underground pipe breaks in a tricky location and a spot repair is unfeasible, either a reroute or a full repipe is in order and Bullseye offers some of the best repipe plumbing services in Northern California! Our repair crew reroutes when only one leg of the pressurized plumbing system leaks. We cap off that section and reroute it overhead. When more than one leg of the system leaks, our plumbing crew can repipe the whole house. We use Wirsbo Pex piping, a lead-free, flexible solution, with a life expectancy of 100 years.



Water Main RepairsResidential leak detection in Sacramento, CA, from Bullseye is always safe and professional. Our thorough written proposals take into account both your schedule and your budget. Friendly office staff will coordinate with you to ensure a smooth repair with minimal disruptions. We are licensed and bonded and can pull all necessary permits. All work is completed to code and our technicians handle any required code changes as well as organize the inspection with the appropriate building department.

The day of the repair, our professional plumbers secure the area with barricades and caution tape for a safe, clean environment. A Bullseye technician clears the area for all private utilities. Once excavation begins, we maintain safety and cleanliness by shoring trenches with safety equipment and storing excavated soil to better preserve your landscaping and property. Our technicians have the unique ability to identify secondary leaks, so repairs are not complete until the plumbing line passes a second inspection. When an excavation must remain open for inspection, we ensure that the area is safe and secure by laying down trench plating and barricades. To finish, our crew can patch most hardscape surfaces and get everything back to normal.

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Water Main Replacements

Using the same principles as those listed above, our plumbing crew can also replace the entire water main line. After excavating the length of the pipe, we remove the old piping and install a new line. Material options include Aquatherm (extremely strong material made from recycled plastic and glass with sections of pipe socket fused together), PVC, and copper. Sand or gravel bedding protects the new water main pipe from wear and tear.



When the terrain allows, trenchless water main replacement is an excellent, minimally invasive repair option. Our skilled crew excavates two access holes on either end of water main pipes up to 100 feet long. The trenchless apparatus works by expanding and bursting the old pipe while feeding a new Aquatherm socket-fused pipe into place. With excavation kept to a minimum, you avoid the hassle and expense of replacing landscaping and hardscaping.


Ygrene Works

Ygrene Works provides 100% financing on home improvements when they upgrade water efficiency. Because eligibility is primarily based on your home’s equity, this financing is not considered personal debt. And you make payments through your property tax bill. Apply by calling our office at 916-760-8944 or emailing us at For more information, visit