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Popular Plumbing Myths

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Plumbing Repair in Sacramento

You probably know a thing or two about your plumbing. But what you think you know could actually turn out to be a complete myth. There are many plumbing-related myths about everything from dealing with clogs to DIY plumbing repair in Sacramento. Keep reading to learn how to separate the fact from the fiction regarding these nine plumbing myths.

9 Plumbing Myths

Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Great for Clogs

With so many liquid drain cleaners on the market, it’s no wonder people assume that they’re the perfect solution for dealing with a clogged drain. Just dump the liquid down the pipe, and it’ll clean out whatever’s clogging it up. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, while it’s true that the cleaner will take out the clog, the chemicals in commercial drain cleaners will also erode your pipes and lead to long-term damage. It’s much better to remove a clog using a drain snake or auger.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal with Ice and Lemon Peels

This myth is only half false. While lemon peels might smell good, the citric acid in the fruit can cause your garbage disposal blades to corrode. Ice can be put down the garbage disposal to help sharpen the blades; however, the myth that most people believe is that they should be doing this every week or 2. This is not true. Putting ice down the disposal too often will have the opposite effect and dull the blades. It would help if you only sharpened the blades with ice every few months.

Flushable Wipes Can Be Flushed

It’s right there on the package—flushable. So, why would this be a myth? “Flushable” wipes are designed to disintegrate after going down the drain, which is why manufacturers can put that word on the label. However, they disintegrate much, much slower than most people think. While 1 or 2 flushable wipes a day won’t cause an issue, too many will create a stubborn clog in your pipes; and if you’re a parent, you know that 1 or 2 wipes a day just isn’t going to cut it. No matter what the wipes’ packaging says, you should be putting them in the garbage can.

Hot Grease Can Go Down the Drain

Never dump grease of any kind down the drain. When grease is hot, it’s a liquid, which might make you think it’s perfectly safe to pour it down your sink or another drain. But the inside of those pipes is quite cold, and once the grease goes down the drain, it’s going to cool and harden very quickly. That grease will cling to the insides of your pipes and create a nasty clog.

Boiling Water Can Clear Out Grease

If you do have a grease-induced clog already, you might make the logical leap that heating that grease up is the best way to wash it out. After all, it should turn back to a liquid if you dump hot water on it, right? That doesn’t work. Rather than melting the grease inside your pipes, boiling water will harden it and make it even more challenging to remove.

Your Garbage Disposal Can Handle Anything

We know that roaring garbage disposal seems like a black hole that can swallow just about anything. But your garbage disposal isn’t as tough as it sounds. Certain foods like banana peels, potato peelings, and celery can become stringy and wind around your garbage disposal blades when you run it. This can cause the motor to burn out.

A Leaky Faucet Doesn’t Need to Be Fixed Quickly.

A little water never hurt anyone—but it can hurt other parts of your property. Ignoring a leaky faucet can lead to water damage to surrounding materials. It can also impact your water pressure and will almost certainly get worse with time. No matter how small a leak might seem, it’s better to deal with it quickly than wait for it to become a major disaster.

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Gurgling and Bubbling in Your Water Heater Is Normal

You know that when water boils, it bubbles and makes noise, so it’s natural to assume that your water heater—which is constantly heating the tank of water—would make some noise too. However, excessive gurgling and bubbling aren’t normal for this appliance. It’s caused by sediment blocking the burner in the water heater tank; that sediment also reduces your hot water supply, so you probably want to get the issue handled quickly, so you can stop running out of hot water during your showers.

All Plumbers Have the Same Qualifications

Finally, never assume that all plumbers have the same qualifications and credentials. Plumbers can receive different types of training and have different levels of expertise, both in general plumbing repairs and specialized services. To ensure you’re getting the best plumbers in Sacramento, thoroughly investigate their qualifications before hiring anyone.

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