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Tips To Maintain Your Pool During Summer

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maintain your pool during summer

Between increased usage and increased evaporation, summertime can be hard on your pool. Check out the infographic below for five tips on properly maintaining your swimming pool through the heat of the summer.

How to Maintain Your Pool During Summer Months

Test chemicals regularly

It’s easy for pool chemicals to get out of balance in the summer. Between evaporation and increased usage, you’ll likely need to adjust the chemicals more frequently. Be sure to test your chemicals at least once a week and make any necessary changes to keep them in the appropriate ranges.

Mind the water levels

Letting your water level fall too low can mess with the filtration system. Keep an eye on where the water levels are at, with all the evaporation and splashing, and add water as needed.

Keep it clean

Proper chemical levels will help keep your pool clean, but you still need to skim and sweep it regularly. Skim off any debris daily, and sweep the walls and bottom weekly.

Minimize the yuck

The more “yuck” getting into your pool, the more it’s going to mess with the chemical levels. Don’t allow eating or drinking in the pool, and of course, send swimmers inside when nature calls.

Check for leaks

You can check for pool leaks by placing a bucket on the top step, setting a rock in it, then filling it so that the water inside the bucket is the same as the water in the pool. Leave it for a day, then check the water levels. Because the water in the bucket is prone to evaporation as well, if the water in the pool is lower than in the bucket, your pool has a leak somewhere. Contact Bullseye Leak Detection for expert pool leak repair.


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